Family Photos…

..are always great fun, especially when you are working with a cool group of people! I was lucky enough to have two shoots booked over Christmas with interesting families, with international connections. The first was a charming family with two daughters who live in  Denmark but who were over for the holidays…the brief was just to capture the whole family together, but once the session got underway everyone wanted a bit of time in front of the lens…eventually there was only the parents left and the kids enjoyed watching them cosy up for this great shot. I really like it…how about you?Margaret and Colin Morgan-Jones


About Bob

I am a professional photographer working from a studio in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. I have had several books published in the last five years and am always pleased to offer photographic services for weddings, family or business portraits or any other photographic assignments
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One Response to Family Photos…

  1. sirak98 says:

    I like the way the lighting highlights the faces of this couple. They are beautiful people that emit happiness from inside and out. The simple setting also shows off their vitality: white backdrop combined with black clothing. There is nothing to distract from the energy in their faces. The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was “ahhhh, he nailed that one”.

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