My studio in Wellingborough…

…is getting a bit of a makeover…not exactly a Grand designs style but some tidying, rationalising and a revamp of the display walls. I recently discovered a brilliant hanging system made by STAS in Holland. This will enable me to hang photographs “invisibly” from transparent Perlon cords suspended from a discreet white track. I think that it will add an air of formality to the gallery display anyway. I came across the system at Lion Picture Framing in Birmingham…an excellent place to find all things relating to framing and displaying photography and art. They have a huge display area and warehouse with friendly, knowledgeable staff and FREE coffee… it’s a trade only business but as long as you have a business card you should be able to buy there. I highly recommend them!

Once I have the new wall displays put up I will put some pix on here…but first I have several shoots to finish….


About Bob

I am a professional photographer working from a studio in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. I have had several books published in the last five years and am always pleased to offer photographic services for weddings, family or business portraits or any other photographic assignments
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