Sunshine …and the world is looking brighter

…at last, after what seemed to be an interminable winter and delayed spring, the sky is blue and people are visibly more relaxed. The yard where I have my studio is a different place when the sun shines and it’s great to have the studio doors wide open for browsers

It’s always difficult to know just what to hand on the walls…all seascapes and someone will ask for mountains, all mountains and someone will ask for flowers! So…I tend to hang things which give me pleasure to look at day after day until someone buys a print. I have a nice mixture of family and wedding type photography mixed in with some travel related shots at the moment. Oh and there are still a few equine portraits to be seen. Having a studio is a great asset to any photographer but it comes with the necessity of finding the rent and overheads every month…so a regular pattern of sales and commissions is vital to avoid the stress of worrying about the landlord! Luckily I seem to have struck a happy mixture of commissioned property photography,book sales, print sales and social photography here in the studio. I have done a few family shoots recently and none was more pleasing than the one for James, Kat and their lovely baby, Darcy. After an initial consultation and informal chat to discover what they wanted to get as their finished artwork, I discovered that James has had a similar cancer journey to me. We both shared the same oncologist but had never met! Their baby was a precious gift of new life ata  time when the outlook was bleak…and it was a joyous opportunity to photograph such a lovely close family in the studio. Here is a favourite shot from the set…

Baby photography at Bob Caddick Photography in Wellingborough

Baby photography at Bob Caddick Photography in Wellingborough


About Bob

I am a professional photographer working from a studio in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. I have had several books published in the last five years and am always pleased to offer photographic services for weddings, family or business portraits or any other photographic assignments
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