A wonderful wedding in Northampton…

…made so much better by a great registrar! As a professional wedding photographer I get used to working around the guests snapping away and standing behind me capturing their own version of my set ups….it’s the way it is these days with everyone carrying a compact camera or smart phone. Even during solemn parts of services or ceremonies there are still flashes going off indiscriminately, mostly because the user doesn’t know how to switch them off, and the annoying peeps from autofocus sensors which spoil the silence and importance to the newly weds in my opinion. So it was a lovely surprise to hear the registrar tell the guests that as there was a professional photographer “working” today they could all just switch off the phones and cameras and enjoy their friends wedding…enjoy the moment fully while I worked discreetly. I could have kissed her! Not one photograph was taken during the ceremony or signings, and then I stood aside to let everyone take their shots…but even then they seemed reluctant…so I found myself actually encouraging them to get a few snaps! What a refreshing change and I know that my customers will get great photos without their guests cameras making unwelcome appearances in the backgrounds!A beautiful Northampton bride


About Bob

I am a professional photographer working from a studio in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. I have had several books published in the last five years and am always pleased to offer photographic services for weddings, family or business portraits or any other photographic assignments
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