…is not how I am very often, but today that was just how I felt. I was sitting by the open doors of my studio as it is warm and dry outside, when I hear a couple discussing a photograph that is clearly visible from the path outside…they seem to be liking the photo, I thought…the next thing I hear is the distinctive whirr of a shutter sound generated by a smart phone….! They had taken a photo of my photo!!! 

Yesterday a man bounced into the studio, full of life and clearly very pleased with himself…can you print a picture for me?,he asked….well, it depends, say I…so he shows me the photo on his Iphone and wondered if I could make a canvas print about 90 x 60cm for him….the photo was an iconic one of Keith Moon and Oliver Reed, taken on the set of Tommy….by Johnny Dewe Mathews….where did you take this?, I asked him. He said he had been in Brighton and liked the picture in a gallery, so photographed it…..after I explained that I wouldn’t touch the photo and that he should search for the print and buy a copy, he said he would “go to Boots” as they will print it for him, they have done so “loads of times”….

When are the public going to realise that this is theft? I tried to explain that as I really liked his T-Shirt, he wouldn’t mind me taking it off his back and using it myself…seemd lost on him sadly….

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A new experience…

…is always interesting, especially when it involves a different cultural lifestyle. I was recently booked to photograph an Indian engagement party at The Hilton Hotel in Northampton and had an amazing time whilst also learning a lot! The engagement party was a mixture of the mystic and the chaotic…having visited India many years ago, I think that this sums up the country too….

There was a lavishly decorated room, although very much in the English style of cool neutral shades, but the dazzling array of saris and gold more than compensated for any lack of colour. The engagement ceremony itself involved many offerings to the Hindu God, Ganesh and a lot of ritual which was delightful to photograph, even though it seemed that only the priest was really aware of what was going on! The bride to be’s family all presented gifts to the putative groom’s family and a feast of delicious vegetarian food was prepared…luckily I was invited to take a seat on one of the tables and was able to enjoy tasting so many new flavours, guided by my fellow diners

My photo shows the family group…mostly Patels apparently!

The families!

The families!

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A wonderful wedding in Northampton…

…made so much better by a great registrar! As a professional wedding photographer I get used to working around the guests snapping away and standing behind me capturing their own version of my set ups….it’s the way it is these days with everyone carrying a compact camera or smart phone. Even during solemn parts of services or ceremonies there are still flashes going off indiscriminately, mostly because the user doesn’t know how to switch them off, and the annoying peeps from autofocus sensors which spoil the silence and importance to the newly weds in my opinion. So it was a lovely surprise to hear the registrar tell the guests that as there was a professional photographer “working” today they could all just switch off the phones and cameras and enjoy their friends wedding…enjoy the moment fully while I worked discreetly. I could have kissed her! Not one photograph was taken during the ceremony or signings, and then I stood aside to let everyone take their shots…but even then they seemed reluctant…so I found myself actually encouraging them to get a few snaps! What a refreshing change and I know that my customers will get great photos without their guests cameras making unwelcome appearances in the backgrounds!A beautiful Northampton bride

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Sunshine …and the world is looking brighter

…at last, after what seemed to be an interminable winter and delayed spring, the sky is blue and people are visibly more relaxed. The yard where I have my studio is a different place when the sun shines and it’s great to have the studio doors wide open for browsers

It’s always difficult to know just what to hand on the walls…all seascapes and someone will ask for mountains, all mountains and someone will ask for flowers! So…I tend to hang things which give me pleasure to look at day after day until someone buys a print. I have a nice mixture of family and wedding type photography mixed in with some travel related shots at the moment. Oh and there are still a few equine portraits to be seen. Having a studio is a great asset to any photographer but it comes with the necessity of finding the rent and overheads every month…so a regular pattern of sales and commissions is vital to avoid the stress of worrying about the landlord! Luckily I seem to have struck a happy mixture of commissioned property photography,book sales, print sales and social photography here in the studio. I have done a few family shoots recently and none was more pleasing than the one for James, Kat and their lovely baby, Darcy. After an initial consultation and informal chat to discover what they wanted to get as their finished artwork, I discovered that James has had a similar cancer journey to me. We both shared the same oncologist but had never met! Their baby was a precious gift of new life ata  time when the outlook was bleak…and it was a joyous opportunity to photograph such a lovely close family in the studio. Here is a favourite shot from the set…

Baby photography at Bob Caddick Photography in Wellingborough

Baby photography at Bob Caddick Photography in Wellingborough

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It’s been a very long time since I posted..

…happily because I have been busy with various jobs but also I have travelled to the USA for a break with my grandchildren in New York. The weather was great and the relaxed pace of life outside of the city was just what I needed…although only 50 minutes out of Manhattan, Westchester County is a refreshing blend urban style and rural charm.

One of the reasons for the visit was to attend to my grandson’s first Holy Communion. This was a joyous and enjoyable occasion, but for me the event was spoiled by the sheer numbers of parents and grandparents standing up and taking photos of their kids throughout the ceremony. Although I am a professional photographer I thought it important to wait until the communion was over. I can only imagine what results were obtained by using an Iphone/compact camera at long distance in poor light….

Anyway….attached is a shot from church after the event which I really like…._MG_0484

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It’s been a while…

…since I posted here but with very good reason…I have been very busy with commercial work,weddings, family shoots and events! I was delighted to be asked if I would allow a selection of my wedding photographs to be used in a training module for the prestigious Photography Institute…a distance learning training company that trains new photographers. I am so flattered to think that me work is considered good enough to be used as an inspiration to other professionals Two recent weddings are in the course of edit and print and I am looking forward to June when I have two more booked! One of these will be especially interesting as it is the first part of an Indian wedding that will take  several months to reach its final act….. BG-200-61

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Fixing windows…

…is not something I do very often, but today I had to re-glaze a couple of windows in my studio. Must be easy, I thought…. how hard can it be? So with putty in my hands I started  to fix the glass into the metal frames….but it seems that there is a skill and technique in manually getting the putty from the palm of your hands and through your sticky fingers, then into the angle of the frame and glass! Squeeze, roll, push….and it falls out! Push a bit harder…ok, now it’s sticking in place but it’s not even all round….add a bit more here and there….look for a putty knife (who has one of those lying about?) to smooth it….well, it doesn’t do smooth does it! More kind of up and down and rippled…

This set me to thinking about why people think that they can just pick up a camera and achieve professional results. Sure, it looks easy when a pro picks up the camera and just snaps away and gets lovely shots from the most unpromising subject. Like the glazier with his putty…it LOOKS easy because he has had years of learning his skills with all sorts of window frames and types of glass. I learned my craft with thousands of hours of photography with all sorts of people and scenes, so I know what I want to achieve before I start. It’s not always as easy as my shoot yesterday with the lovely Kitty Golder (pic below) I “work” at getting great photographs for my clients…and I know that they won’t be all “up and down and rippled” like my putty!

A studio head shot...

A studio head shot…

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